Product name: MS Tubes and MS Pipe

Our extensive product portfolio includes a range of high-quality MS Round Pipes, MS Square Tubes, and MS Rectangle Tubes. Designed to meet various industrial requirements, our top-notch products are widely used across multiple industrial sectors. As a top supplier of building materials, we stock all sizes and weights from renowned manufacturers such as JINDAL, TATA, APOLLO, and more. 

Choose OM STEELS for reliable solutions and excellent customer service.

15MM-0.5 INCH 1.2MM 3.6 KG 20x20mm-3/4 inch 1.0MM 3.6 KG 40X20MM-1.5X3/4 1.5MM 8.2 KG
2.0MM 5.7 KG 1.6MM 6 KG 1.8MM 9.3 KG
20MM-3/4 INCH 1.6MM 6 KG 25X25mm-1×1 inch 1.0MM 5 KG 2.0MM 10.6 KG
25MM-1 INCH 1.0MM 5 KG 1.5MM 7 KG 50X25mm-2-1 inch 1.5MM 10 KG
1.5MM 7 KG 2.2MM 9.5 KG 1.8MM 12.2 KG
2.0MM 9.3 KG 32x32mm-1.25 inch 1.5MM 8.6 KG 2.0MM 13 KG
32MM-1.25 INCH 1.2MM 7.5 KG 2.0MM 11.3 KG 2.2MM 16 KG
2.2MM 60x40mm-2.5×1.5 1.3MM 12 KG
1.5MM 9 KG 2.6MM 13.8 KG 1.6MM 14 kg
1.8MM 10.8 KG 40x40mm-1.5 inch 1.0MM 7.4 KG 1.8MM 16 KG
2.00MM 12 KG 1.2MM 8.8 KG 2.0MM 17.6 KG
2.6MM 15 KG 1.6MM 11.4 KG 2.3MM 20 KG
40MM-1.5 INCH 1.0MM 7 KG 1.8MM 12.5 KG 2.6MM 22.4 KG
1.2MM 9 KG 2.0MM 14 KG 2.9MM 24 KG
1.5MM 10.5 KG 2.2MM 15.7 KG 80X40mm-3X1.5 1.6MM 18 KG
2.0MM 13.6 KG 2.6MM 17.5 KG 2.0MM 22 KG
2.2MM 15 KG 50X50mm-2 inch 1.2MM 11 KG 2.6MM 28 KG
50MM-2.0 INCH 1.2MM 11 KG 1.6MM 14.3 KG 3.0MM 33 KG
1.6MM 14.5 KG 1.8MM 12.6 KG 3.5MM 38 KG
1.8MM 16.3 KG 2.0MM 17.6 KG 96X48mm-4X2 1.6MM 21 KG
2.0MM 18 KG 2.2MM 20 KG 2.0MM 26 KG
2.3MM 20.3 KG 2.6MM 23.4 KG 2.6MM 33 KG
2.5MM 22.4 KG 3MM 25 KG 3.0MM 40 KG
2.9MM 24 KG 62X62mm-2.5 inch 2.0MM 22.6 KG 122X61MM-5X2.5 3.6MM 58KG
65MM-2.5 INCH 2.0MM 22 KG 2.6MM 29 KG 4.5MM 71.3KG
2.5MM 28 KG 3MM 33 KG 5.4MM 84KG
3.0MM 33 KG 72X72mm-3 inch 2.0MM 26 KG 145X82MM-5.5X3.25 4.8MM 96KG
3.5MM 38 KG 2.5MM 33 KG 5.4MM 106.5KG
80MM-3 INCH 2.0MM 26 KG 3.0MM 40 KG 172X92MM-6.5X3.5 4.8MM 113KG
2.5MM 33 KG 80X80MM -3.25INCH 3.2MM 45KG 5.4MM 126KG
3.0MM 40 KG 4MM 55.4KG 200X100MM-8X4 4MM 108KG
3.6MM 60KG 4.8MM 65.2KG 5MM 134KG
100MM – 4 INCH 4.5MM 73.2KG 91.5X91.5 -3.5INCH 3.6MM 58KG 6MM 158.4KG
5.4MM 87KG 4.5MM 71.3KG 8MM 206.3KG
125MM – 5 INCH 4.5MM 90KG 5.4MM 84.1KG 240X120MM-8.5X4.75 4MM 131KG
4.8MM 95.4KG 100X100 -4 INCH 4MM 70.4KG 5MM 162KG
5.4MM 107.4KG 5MM 86.5KG 6MM 192.3KG
150MM- 6 INCH 4.5MM 107KG 6MM 102KG 8MM 252KG
4.8MM 113.4KG 113.5X113.5-4.5INCH 4.8MM 96KG 300X150MM-12X6 6MM 243KG
5.4MM 128KG 5.4MM 107KG 8MM 319.4KG
132X132MM-5.25INCH 4.8MM 113KG 10MM 393KG
5.4MM 125KG 300X200MM-12X8 6MM 271.5KG
150X150MM-6INCH 4MM 108KG 8MM 357KG
5MM 134KG 10MM 440KG
6MM 158.5KG
8MM 206.3KG

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